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Help Monster

Tricky Puzzle

Mirai Global Publishing
Trustable Ranking IconTrusted
Android Version Icon7.0+
Android Version
1.0.8(13-06-2024)Latest version
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Age ratingPEGI-12

Description of Help Monster: Tricky Puzzle

In the game "Help Monster: Tricky Puzzle", you'll dive into engaging puzzles alongside adorable monsters. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, the game tasks you with solving tricky situations by teaming up with these creatures. As you progress through the levels, you'll become smarter and better at solving puzzles. "Help Monster: Tricky Puzzle" not only offers enjoyable challenges but also provides entertaining fun in the world of lovable monsters. As you discover the mysteries of "Help Monster: Tricky Puzzle," you'll find yourself drawn deeper into its magical universe, eagerly anticipating the next puzzle to solve and the next adorable monster to meet. So, join us on this extraordinary adventure, where friendship, fun, and furry companions await at every turn.

Help Monster: Tricky Puzzle - Version 1.0.8

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Help Monster: Tricky Puzzle - APK Information

APK Version: 1.0.8Package: com.mirai.braintest.monster.trickypuzzle
Android compatability: 7.0+ (Nougat)
Developer:Mirai Global PublishingPrivacy Policy:https://miraistudio.games/#/privacy-policyPermissions:17
Name: Help Monster: Tricky PuzzleSize: 103.5 MBDownloads: 943Version : 1.0.8Release Date: 2024-06-19 09:58:18Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU:
Package ID: com.mirai.braintest.monster.trickypuzzleSHA1 Signature: A2:BE:A4:58:AA:5E:6B:01:D5:18:FC:07:92:D9:5B:4C:39:1C:0A:84Developer (CN): AndroidOrganization (O): Google Inc.Local (L): Mountain ViewCountry (C): USState/City (ST): California

Latest Version of Help Monster: Tricky Puzzle

1.0.8Trust Icon Versions
943 downloads81.5 MB Size

Other versions

1.0.5Trust Icon Versions
943 downloads75.5 MB Size

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